Our Social Responsibility

Responsibility in the Fennia Group’s business operations

The Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility Report informs about the Fennia Group’s reponsible and sustainable business. The report contains a statement of non-financial information (NFI).

The Fennia Group has started implementing corporate social responsibility, developed communication and training concerning CSR themes as well as renewed some of its organisation and leadership models. Objectives or metrics have not yet been set for all themes included in the materiality assessment. The report presents the operations in 2017 and the present state.

In collaboration with our customers, personnell, co-operation partners and other interest groups, we will develop and integrate corporate social responsibility and the reporting of it in our business operations.

In January 2018, we carried out a materiality assessment on the Fennia Group’s responsibility themes. We examined stakeholders’ expectations, asking which aspects of responsibility they considered material.

We asked our key stakeholders – personnel, customers, authorities and the media as well as the members of the Board, the Supervisory Board and the regional advisory bodies – to respond to an online survey to find out which aspects of responsibility they considered most important in the Fennia Group’s business operations.

The respondents considered financial responsibility and solvency, responsible investments and preventing the shadow economy to be the most important aspects.

Material aspects of responsibility also include the development of customer and employee experience, the promotion of entrepreneurship and environmental well-being. With respect to the environment, the respondents considered material and energy efficiency in particular to be important.

Transparent and ethical operations of course provide a basis for trust in the responsibility of all business operations.

The Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes a statement of non-financial information as required by the Accounting Act. The Board of Directors and Group CEO of Fennia are responsible for the report and they have approved the information included in the report.



Helsinki, 6 April 2018


Mikael Ahlbäck

Matti Pörhö

Jussi Järventaus


Lars Koski

Eva Liljeblom

Jyrki Mäkynen

Timo Salli

Paul Stucki

Antti Kuljukka
Group CEO

Fennia’s materiality matrix 2018

Fennia’s materiality matrix 2018

Financial responsibility and solvency
Secure solvency
Responsible investments
Prevent shadow economy and corruption

Customer experience
Usability of digital systems
Active communications, dialogue engaging interest groups
Offer the best customer experience

Promote entrepreneurship
Promote safety and well-being
Secure preconditions for entrepreneurship
Understand and promote entrepreneurship

Continued training to develop competence and skills
Occupational health and safety
Equal treatment and opportunity

Material and energy efficiency
Consider environmental well-being
Control climate change