Fennia Group's Strategy

Fennia Group’s strategy

As stated in our mission statement, the Fennia Group is here for business and life. We are a reliable partner to entrepreneurs and we understand the needs of entrepreneurs and their families. We are also a partner to households, which are entrepreneurs in their own life.

The vision of the Fennia Group is to provide the best customer experience. We want customers to have such a positive experience of our customer service that they have a reason to remain and wish to recommend it to others.

The Fennia Group’s strategy for 2018–2022 sets four goals:

  • Personnel with a capacity for renewal
  • Growing in corporate clients
  • Efficient in households
  • Solvent

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Fennia’s four strategic goals

Personnel with a capacity for renewal

Personnel with a capacity for renewal is a resource that is essential if we are to achieve our strategic goals.

We work every day in a way that allows customers to be confident and certain that their matters are carefully dealt with. We value entrepreneurship and also seek to carry out our tasks every day with an entrepreneurial mindset. We work in a determined, target-oriented and courageous manner with commitment and motivation – as if we were working for our own company.

We lead, coach and work in our community in a manner that allows us to succeed in creating an excellent personnel experience, which is the most likely approach to lead to the best customer experience on the market.

The insurance and financial sector is facing considerable changes. We achieve results responsibly and are here for business and life; this is an important and demanding task. This is why we want Fennia employees to grow with us and to see the capacity for renewal as an opportunity. Together we can create success.

Growing in corporate clients

We will grow profitably in corporate clients through insurance and asset management services. We provide our customers with a comprehensive experience of the Fennia Group’s services as a financial security partner and adviser.

We produce our services efficiently with great care and expertise to provide our customers with the best customer experience – which is so good that they are willing to recommend Fennia to others.

Fennia has always been a company for entrepreneurs. Our expertise, networks and results culminate from serving enterprises and entrepreneurs. We cultivate this expertise; it provides a solid foundation for our future.

Efficient in households

By providing entrepreneurs and their families with services in risk management that they need as private persons, we can also offer similar good services to other households. While we contribute to providing the families of entrepreneurs with financial security, we want to offer other active private customers and households a lifelong relationship as their trusted partner.

Households will enhance the diversification of the Fennia Group’s insurance risks and contribute to a more stable risk position. This will reduce the fluctuation of results.

In the household segment, efficiency and ease play an important role in good service – for both the customer and the company. When this is achieved, both the personnel experience and the customer experience are positive.


The Fennia Group is financially solvent. As a financially solvent company, we can meet our obligations to our policyholders.

In order to retain our solvency, we must understand the risk that we take on and only take on an amount of risk that we can bear.

We are an expert in risk management and a forerunner in our business.