Fennia Life Annual Report 2015

Managing Director’s Review

Partners are necessary for success

Seppo Rinta

 At Fennia Life, in the conference room next to my office, is a painting called “Russian Torkas”, painted by Gösta Diehl in 1955. It was presented to Fennia by Teollisuusvakuutus on our centennial in 1982. The painting is fascinating: in my opinion it depicts two people or groups of people and the connection or connections between them. Depending on the situation, I’ve taken the message of the painting – the necessity of co-operation – into use in our company.

At the start of the year, youths who have given entrepreneurship a try through Junior Achievement Finland, took part in the JobShadow event which allowed them to follow a director around for a day.

The day was a rewarding one – also for the people being shadowed. I was accompanied for the whole day by a student who had set up a security business with two fellow students. I was almost jealous listening to their enthusiasm for the partnership. Most of the other students were also practicing to become entrepreneurs together with someone.

Computers can beat humans at chess these days – no sweat. But the combination of a human and a computer can still beat a computer. When Finland plays well as a team, it can win the Ice Hockey World Championships. The list is endless.

A strong will and excellent tools no longer guarantee a company’s success. Everyone needs partners and networks in order to manage their business successfully. This is particularly obvious in new forms of entrepreneurship.

Fennia Life is no exception to this rule. You can sense from the pages of our Annual Report how many things have taken dynamic leaps forward. Achieving this success has required many partners. At this point I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to you and all of our customers for your trust in us. Without a competent and dedicated personnel, a company cannot succeed.

Thank you for a successful year to everyone at Fennia Group and particularly to my Fennia Life team.

Seppo Rinta