Fennia Annual Report 2014

Managing Director’s Review

Systematic work produces results

Antti KuljukkaImproving business is not something you do with a simple snap of the fingers. Achieving goals in a complex business environment requires careful planning and systematic implementation. The basics need to be in order every single day. Behind it all, however, lies a skilled, motivated personnel. Last year’s result shows that a significant proportion of the above-mentioned factors were achieved at Fennia.

Yet, we are not ready to rest on our laurels. We wish to continue improving the quality of the customer experience and the speed of customer service. Last year, I wrote in our Board of Directors’ Report: “Finns value the company’s service content and ability to solve problems. We genuinely want to take care of our customers. That means that our competence, products and services must be purposefully developed.” In this respect, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our expertise, products and, in particular, services are the wheel whose characteristics we will keep improving in the direction indicated by our customers.

I mentioned a complex business environment. It is clear that globalisation, increased regulation on the European level and digitalisation, combined with the cyber risks it entails, will present challenges in upcoming years. We will utilise a great deal of resources in order to understand which way the world is headed and how changes will affect our business in the future. We must invest our efforts in fulfilling the demands set by regulations and, at the same time, ensure that we are able to serve our customers also in situations in which external threats create challenges.

I could highlight many things from the past year. One of the key prerequisites for successful, comprehensive customer service is reliable and professional partners. Our long, close co-operation with the Federation of Finnish Enterprises has branched out further. Working together with the Federation is in Fennia’s DNA.

I am particularly pleased with our emerging co-operation with Danske Bank; last year’s start was a good one and we have some positive surprises in store for the customers of both our companies.

The mutual employment pension insurance companies Elo and Etera hold a key role as experts in earnings-related pension insurance and as financing partners to our corporate customers. In addition to these valuable partners we are involved in a significant partner network in order to ensure that our customers and the customers we share with our partners receive the highest quality service.

The customer always comes first. This continues to be the primary cornerstone of our operations and will remain so in the future. I wish to thank all of Fennia Group’s customers for their feedback, co-operation and trust in us.

I also wish to thank our Fennia team. It is a pleasure to work with you and create positive surprises for our customers.

Antti Kuljukka
Managing Director